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Your Bucket List while in Kenya

Original Post: Posted by Ahenda in Mawazo Yangu, Tembea Kenya

I’m sure you’re all familiar with The Bucket List; the movie.

So, if I told you that the script writer had his idea born from the normal use of the phrase “kicked the bucket” I would be boring you to death. Right?

I’ll make it short: a bucket list is a simple “MUST (not just a “to do”) DO list of items that one jots down either in the spur of the moment or if you’re a typically well organised person: a well thought out and carefully analysed, that you wish to have accomplished prior to your expiration in this world and when the time comes for you to de-populate the earth.

Mine is simple.

It’s my little wish list of travel spots & travel activities, seeing as I day-dream about these things ever so often (especially when late afternoons creep up on me in the office)

Anyway, here goes:


Where: in Sagana, on the banks of the Tana River.

Why: I heard it gives you the kind of head rush that comes with an orgasm :) (i wouldn’t know!)

Eve D'Souza, Sagana


Where: Mt. Kenya-as long as the trail leads to the peak, but the most common route is Sirimon and Chogoria.

Why: there’s something about being on top of the world that I’d like to experience, and, I wonder if the phrase “frozen nipples” is actually true. :)

but, in all honesty, it’s a true endurance test and it’s on of the things I’d love to tell my grand kids & children about. i want to sit by a rock at the peak and look down at the loins of my motherland and feel the pride that comes with being birthed from the Black, Red & Green spirit of unity, peace and stability.


Where: Tana River

Why: Why not?

looking at the photos, it just seems like such an adrenaline boost, a test of might and will as well. (plus, I’m used to the usual boat excursions now,…I’d LOVE the difference in speed and machinery)

and there’s something about getting wet that is hardly disappointing. :)


Where: Watamu

Why: Crystal clear waters and a chance to swim with the fishies, I want a chance at being the little mermaid…

Doesn’t it just seem like a whole other universe out there?


    ‘go swimming with the fishes’ :)

    The Godfather.

    That is all.


Where: 14,000 feet above the pristine beaches at Diani Beach


I think it’s now safe to assume that I do not suffer from Acrophobia (a fear of heights).

That having been said, I believe being in free-fall at 120 miles per hour with gravity hot on my…ummmm, head? should be worth that precious minute and few seconds of my life. (I usually get more than five, but I strongly believe this would be worth the effort!)

I had these on the list too:


and thanks to TembeaKenya 1, i have stricken them off. :)

Original Post: Posted by Ahenda in Mawazo Yangu, Tembea Kenya

Kenya Travelling Do's and Don'ts

  • We understand that you want to take as many pictures of the beautiful country as possible, but before you begin to take pictures of houses or people, ask for their permission. In some cases, you may be required to offer a tip for those pictures.
  • Watch your money. Make sure that, when switching currency you do so in a reputable hotel, foreign exchange bureau or bank.
  • Do not display your valuables to the world; this will keep you from being the target of theft.
  • Only carry what you need in regards to money when venturing out.
  • Keep yourself "undercover" - do not display jewelry.
  • If you are going on a safari, watch your clothing choices. Bright colors (such as whites and blues) attract wild animals as well as insects. Camouflage clothing, is in some cases, illegal to wear.
  • Never approach a wild animal, even if they appear harmless.
  • Drinking water - it is safer to drink bottled or mineral water.
  • Tipping is OK although not mandatory in most places. A tip of $5 (or equivalent) is acceptable for most services.

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